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Commentary on AfAW

What People Say

Your initiative to fight against the victimization of innocent people
who are accused of being witches is commendable.Since the problem is
prevalent all over Africa, the organization should embrace all African countries; there should be a presence of the organization in every African country; these days communication has been made easy by the internet, therefore coordinating such an activity should not be difficult.

Here in Zambia, unscrupulous Christian Evangelical preachers and some politicians perpetuate the problem when they refer to people who don’t agree with them as witches and satanists.

People who are accused of being witches are mercilessly beaten or killed.


(1) The pan-African fight against the above problem should be led by
yourself and headquartered in Nigeria, with activists in every African country; the work should be done on a voluntary basis.

(2) The donor community should be approached for financial/material support so that this noble cause succeeds.

(3) Sensitization of local communities, through the media,should be a priority. People must be told that maiming and killing others just because they are suspected to be witches is barbaric.

(4) Activism in the various countries can be done even from
homes, there’s no need of looking for offices.

(5) The internet should be the main means of communication, hence the need for devices like iPads.

Wilfred J. Makayi.

Zambia, Southern Africa

Let’s save one life from false supernatural allegations at a time together.

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