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AfAW Homepage

Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW)

Using compassion, reason, and science to save lives of those affected by superstition.

About AfAW

A look at the defining values and principles of Advocacy for Alleged Witches.

Victims of ‘Witchcraft’ Allegations

Some profiles of the reality for even children who are charged with witchcraft and then abused, even by parents.

What People Say

We need to launch a nationwide campaign against superstition and belief in witchcraft. Nigerians should be told that witches are not real, and that witches and spirits are imaginary entities created by primitive minds during the infancy of human race to explain situations and issues they could not understand or resolve commonsensically. This campaign should be taken to all Nigerian schools, colleges and universities. It should be publicized over the radios and television, in the newspapers, in market places, in churches and mosques. In particular, we need to check the activities of our so called pastors and other self styled men and women of God who use the Bible or Holy books to perpetrate and justify atrocious acts and human right abuses. These religious charlatans continue to act and preach in ways that reinforce the belief in witches and provoke acts of witch accusation, persecution and killing. This has been the driving force in Akwa Ibom State, and until Nigerians learn to reject superstition and irrationalism such tragedies will continue to occur.

– Dr. Leo Igwe, Founder, Nigerian Humanist Movement

Saving Child Witches: A Nigerian Perspective (December 14th, 2008)

Recommended Organizations

Organizations working on similar problems and with aligned principles and values.

Humanist Association of Nigeria

Humanist Association of Nigerian is devoted to and entrenched in the Enlightenment worldview founded on compassion, reason, and science as the better guides to know the world.

Atheist Society of Nigeria

The Atheist Society of Nigeria (ASN) is an organization mandated to promote a secular Nigeria where public policy, education and scientific enquiry will be founded on sound reason, rationality and evidence.

Humanists International

Humanists International is the global representative body of the humanist movement. It is the main international organization for Humanism and the humanist community representing compassion, reason, and science.

Atheist Alliance International

Atheist Alliance International exists as one of the positive voices for atheism and secularism at the international level.

Center for Inquiry

Center for Inquiry (CFI) is an organization advocating for critical thinking, reason, and science.

Basic Rights Counsel Initiative

Basic Rights Counsel Initiative is devoted to the promotion and protection of the fundamental rights of Nigerian children.

Blog & News

Updates and opinions on allegations of witchcraft.

Commentary on AfAW

Statements by the public about AfAW.

2020-2030: Decade of Activism Against Witch Persecution in Africa

The main statement by Dr. Igwe in Different Languages

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