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AFAW Commends Authorities for Closing Down Faith Healing Church in Zambia

By Leo Igwe

AFAW has commended the Mayor of Ndola, Amon Chisenga and police authorities in Zambia for closing down Restoration Apostolic Pentecostal Church International. Apart from violating the COVID19 guidelines, Chisenga, some members of the city council and police officers noticed that Prophet James Nwale, also known as Yakobo Yakobo was using the church as a faith clinic. They found sick church members admitted and living side by side with domestic animals. It is important to stress that churches are not hospitals. And pastors who are using their church as healing centers are breaking the law. Churches and have not been established to manage health issues. Faith healing is a form of medical quackery that puts the life and health of many people at risks.  Authorities in Zambia should sanction Prophet Nwale and other men and women of god who engage in this unsound medical practice.

Here is a copy of the letter:

The Inspector General
Zambia Police

Dear Sir,
I am writing on behalf of the Advocacy for Alleged Witches(AFAW) to commend the Zambian Police for working with the Mayor of Ndola to close down the Restoration Apostolic Pentecostal Church International. The church reportedly violated the COVID19 guidelines. But there was more to the illegalities in this church than violating the COVID19 guidelines. The police action led to the arrest of Pastor James Nwale (aka) Yakobo Yakobo and rescue of some sick church members from the premises.  These sick members were living side by side with domestic animals. The police should remain vigilant and continue to monitor the activities of pastors, prophets and other clerics especially those who abuse their positions by using their churches and places of worship as faith clinics. 
Churches are not hospitals and pastors like Prophet James Nwale who practice faith healing should be brought to book.
Thanks for all that you are doing to maintain law and order in Zambia
Leo Igwe Ph.D. CEO, AFAW

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An advocacy organization devoted to helping individuals charged with witchcraft.

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